Worcester County Recreation Center

6030 Public Landing Road, Snow Hill, MD 21863 - 23.64 miles from Ocean City

The Worcester County Recreation Center (WCRC), located at John Walter Smith Park in Snow Hill, includes a climate controlled 47,000 square-foot multi-purpose fitness arena. Housed within are the offices of the Recreation & Parks staff, along with a 520 seat arena.

The flooring system throughout the gym was designed for an increased return on energy that is highly efficient for exercise participants, runner and track participants. The shock-absorbing cushion provides a floor that is ideal for walkers and joggers, and particularly those who suffer from arthritis or have past injuries.

The 6,000 square-foot addition to the WCRC features a fitness room, aerobics room, child care room, and an oversized conference room. A dividing wall located between the child care and conference room can be opened up to offer an expanded space. These two rooms can be utilized for team check-ins, referee hospitality, meeting spaces, etc. TVs are also available that can be used for PowerPoint presentations and slideshows.

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